Discover investing tips, tricks & strategies to make more $$

Helping people grow their net worth and have fun while doing it.

Create a legacy

  • Discover some of the fastest, proven methods to grow your net worth.
  • Leave a legacy behind and show your children how to not lose it.
  • Speak to and learn from professionals in multiple industries at hosted events.

Done for you real estate investing

  • Members only done for you real estate investing.
  • Monthly P&L statements created for you.
  • A mix of passive income and capital gains.
  • Built upon one of real estate investments safest, but profitable investing strategies.

Become the bank

  • Lend to real estate borrowers.
  • Money secured by real estate.
  • A mix of interest and administration fees as profits.
  • Borrowers thoroughly screened by LendCity at no cost to you.

Long term growth

  • Learn about long term growth investing to fund your retirement.
  • Education taught by established real estate investor.
  • Profits from cash flow, appreciation, and mortgage paydown.

Perfect your leverage

  • Discover how to turn one of your greatest assets into a money maker.
  • Create more tax write offs.
  • Infinite ROI possibilities by using other people's money (the banks).

Create equity

  • Learn from trusted professionals about investing in the stock market
  • Find out how to trade for free and access funds with low MERS.

Enjoy events

  • Join Networking and Social events planned and ongoing – for members.
  • The best deals are not made in the boardroom.
  • Come out and have some fun.

Your neighbor will be jealous

Yes, yes they will.


The lounge was created by Scott Dillingham - Expert Mortgage Lender and Investor. After winning multiple awards and looking to create more value for his clients he created the LendCity™ Investing Club... for you. 

Scott personally has more than 10 years in financing properties and investing in real estate. He has helped thousands of investors grow their net worth.

His team is knowledgeable and efficient.

Come join us today and see what all the hype is about!

100% Risk FREE

Sign up today for a 14 day free trial. 

If you decide within 14 days you don't want to grow financially as much as you had first anticipated then you can cancel.

Plan is month to month, no long term contract.

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